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Financial Wellness 

Financial Wellness
Krista H

Krista Hampton

Common Sense Financial

Krista Hampton is an independent financial professional with Common Sense Financial as well as a huge Imagine Dragons fan. She brings a common sense approach to the unfamiliar topics of money, retirement and long-term savings and makes it as simple as possible for individuals and families to put together a financial plan that will help them not only save now, but create a financial future they can be proud of.

Before devoting her work full-time to Common Sense Financial, Krista worked as a Marketing Manager for a major tech firm. She also gave 16 years at one of the largest and most recognized health care institutions in the world, Mayo Clinic.

Krista graduated with honors when she received a MBA and she is licensed in Arizona, Utah, Washington, Minnesota and California.

In addition to being a financial agent, Krista is an avid traveler. “Where I’ve never been, is where I want to go.” She also enjoys being a personal chef for her family and friends, dancing to good music while cooking, enjoying any body of water and journaling her travel adventures.

Contact Krista at 480-225-3227 or email

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