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The Independent Professionals Center, LLC (IPC)

The Independent Professionals Center, LLC (IPC) was founded by Jodi Ghelli, in 2008. Jodi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Health Coach, she was in a private counseling practice for a number of years before she transitioned into being a health coach on a full time basis. Earlier in her counseling career she struggled with finding affordable office space for her counseling practice. The available options were expensive office spaces that left her working in isolation or joining an established practice that would take 60% of her earnings and she would lose her autonomy. 

Jodi dreamed of a work environment where a single office could be rented in a center full of likeminded professionals. A place full of independent practitioners in an environment where: they could case consult and inter-refer, the definition of “wellness” was broad and collaborative, and clients could access a broad range of treatments. An environment where month to month leases were the norm, and operating costs were kept to a minimum. An all-inclusive office that new and established practitioners, could call “home” for years to come. 

In January 2008, Jodi took a leap of faith and her dream became a reality. Within 6 months the offices were transformed, a business was established and all 18 suites were leased! The Independent Professionals Wellness Center was born!

In 2012, Jodi decided the time was right to expand into another suite! This one a little different, it afforded a small, quiet, semi-private environment. Offering just 3 offices, it became the perfect location for our quieter therapies. Before construction was complete, the suite was fully leased. 

In July 2016, it became evident that it was, once again, the time to expand into yet another suite! This group of suites would offer another unique environment. After years of operating the wellness center and listening to the needs of practitioners in our community, Jodi incorporated some unique attributes in these suites.  This 3rd suite has 9 offices that have sinks in many rooms, a private suite bathroom, a washer/dryer and much more!

IPC has become known as a jewel in the desert by our practitioners who tell us how glad they are that they found us! 

Contact us today to take a tour, meet us and hopefully become

part of our ever growing and beautiful IPC family! 

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