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Practitioner For October!

Shawn is founder and executive director at Forward Walking.  Shawn is a Board Certified Human Service Practitioner and Certified Pastoral Counselor, holding a MA from Liberty University.  Over the past decade Shawn has worked with more than 500 families throughout the United States in various roles including as a therapeutic coach, counselor, program director and pastor.  As a Therapeutic Coach Shawn brings innovative solutions and insight to families going through seasons of transition.  Shawn helps parents, families and organizations cultivate responsible cultures through individual aftercare coaching, group facilitation and large group training's.  Shawn is a trained facilitator for The Arbinger Institute, 6-Seconds Emotional Intelligence and DISC Personality Profiles.


Shawn and his wife Autumn were married in 1999 and they have four children: Troy, Dasha, Tilly and Samantha. Shawn and Autumn endured their own difficult season of transition in the fall of 2006 when their second child, Cadee, passed away at the age of 3 months to SIDS.  The journey toward hope they experienced together shapes their philosophy of coaching found throughout Forward Walking. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Shawn at

435-899-0751 , , or visit he on her

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Shawn Breeden

Forward Walking

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