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Massage/Skin Care Treatments

Massage/Skin Care Treatment
Michele B.

Michele Baker

Embody Balance

With 25+yrs. experience and a foundation as a Physical therapy assistant and Chiropractic assistant, Michele provides personalized Therapeutic massage, specializing in Deep-tissue, Acupressure, Cupping, Prenatal massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Unwinding & Gua Sha treatments for her clients to help promote a better quality of life & well being!

Gift certificates available. 

By appointment only. Monday - Saturday Excluding holidays. 

Michele accepts payment by FSA & HSA, along with cash, check, and credit cards.

Call, text or email today to schedule your appointment!! 480-220-5435  (Please include your phone number in email.)


Teresa Calderon Rouse

Luxe Lash Bar


Luxe Lash Bar specializes in Hybrid and Volume lash extensions. I have been in business for 4 years and Borboleta Certified. Lash health is my main priority each set is customized to what the natural lashes can hold without damage.


I am by appointment only and can be reached at 480-404-2630 booking online is recommended   My hours are Tues-Fri 9-4:30.

Teresa C  R.jpg
Tamara C

Tamara Cosby

The Gift of Relaxation


Tamara Cosby is a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician with over eight years’ experience in the natural healing industry.  She gained considerable experience in deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation massage and pressure point therapy while working within a chiropractor’s office.  Wanting to expand her services, Tamara enrolled at the Steiner Institute to learn skin care and now combines two forms of relaxation – massage and skin care for the ultimate relaxing experience.  Tamara has often been told she has an intuitive healing touch and uses this gift to customize treatments for her clients.  Understanding the possibility of allergies and sensitivities, Tamara ensures that all fabrics, sheets, and supplies are cleaned with non-chlorine, no ammonia, allergy free products.


For more information, please contact Tamara via,  480-751-9223,  or To book an appointment click here.

Denise H

Denise Hougland

Souly Inspired, LLC


Denise is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty of Reflexology and is a Master Toe Soul Coach.  What is Toe Soul Coaching you ask?  Basically it is the art of Soul Coaching, or ‘sacred questioning’ by the practitioner while examining someone’s toes, also known as Toe Reading.  She is a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, where she studied under some of the valley’s best body workers. 

Denise has found through working with clients that Reflexology is as beneficial as a full body massage working the body through holograms in the feet.  Sometimes we don’t know just what we need, so Denise offers a variety of massage to assist her clients with natural healing.  Some of her specialties are relaxing Swedish, detoxing Lymphatic, essential Rain Drop, muscle releasing Myotherapy and a clothed modality Rock and Unlock. Using her intuition and listening to the client’s body, it is not uncommon to receive a combination of these modalities.  She also enhances her work with essential oils, tuning forks and energy.  Denise is a natural born nurturer and wishes her clients to receive what is best for their greatest good.

For scheduling or more information you can reach Denise at 480-695-3558, email or

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Kristi M

Kristi McCoy

Azurite Wellness


Kristi McCoy, co-owner of Azurite Wellness is a licensed Aesthetician and Massage Therapist. As a graduate of The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts she offers a unique holistic approach to your health, wellness and natural skin care needs. Kristi sees each session as an opportunity to bring relaxation, balance and vitality to her clients often combining the use of hot and cold stones, warm bamboo sticks, essential oils and result oriented skin care into your treatments. She would honor the opportunity to provide you a healthy, natural approach to a refreshed body, mind and spirit.


To schedule a nurturing, customized massage or skin therapy session, visit our website, phone Kristi at 480-861-4367 or email:

Kristi M.JPG
Janelle R

Janelle Rovie

R2 Massage Therapy

Janelle is a graduate of AZ School of Massage Therapy. She has been in the industry since 2012. At R2 Massage Therapy, Janelle offers Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, cupping and CBD.

Throughout the years I have taken all the modalities I have learned and personalized them into one soothing therapeutic massage. My goal as a massage therapist is to provide a welcoming, safe and relaxing environment for all of my clientele. I strive to deeply listen to my clients bodies and truly be present to provide them with the most beneficial massage. My favorite areas to work are hips and shoulders.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Janelle at 480-612-7744 or email

Casey S

Casey Sanders

Nature's Healing Massage, LLC

Casey has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. Her love for massage started at a young age due to chronic headaches. After seeing every doctor possible and taking every test she stumbled onto massage by accident, when she switch chiropractors offices. After receiving her first massage her headaches were gone. From that day on she knew that massage would be her path in life. She wanted to be able to help as many people as possible through the benefits of massage.


At Nature's Healing Massage Casey offers Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal and Cupping. She prides herself in offering the best service possible as well as listening to what you as a client needs in order to customize the massage to you. Her favorite modality is Deep tissue, but she likes to combine different modalities to make the massage not only effective but relaxing. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Casey by phone 480-217-0259, email or her website website 

Meesha S

Meesha Santos

Mindfulness Practitioner

Meesha uses a combination of therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques, depending on the physical needs of the client. In more therapeutic settings, Meesha uses such techniques as:


•    Deep tissue massage

•    Active release therapy (ART),

•    Trigger point (TP),

•    Guasha (scraping),

•    Piezoelectric (chiseling with hot worker stones during Hot Stone)

•    Myofascial Release (MFR);

•    Stretching & traction (Sports Massages & Yoga Therapy sessions.)


When stress levels and anxiety dictate a more relaxing style of massage therapy, Meesha utilizes:


•    Swedish style massage (light to medium pressure)

•    Yoga Nidra (guided sleep-based meditation)

•    Integral Breath Therapy

•    La Stone Massage (Hot and Cold Stone).

          1. can be used for therapeutic or relaxing

          2. can just do Hot Stone massage (not using cold stones)

          3. cold stone usage great for areas of injury or inflammation

          4. cold stones usually used alone only for spot treatment,

              otherwise alternating with hot stones during a La Stone massage

•    Cranial massage


For more information call/text Meesha at 480-432-0200

To book your $60 introduction "MEESHAGE" session with Meesha, check out her website 

Meesha LMT.jpg
Rachel V

Rachel Ventura

Humble Beauty Skincare

Since 2001, Rachel Ventura has dedicated herself to the study of people and skin. After a move from The Silicon Valley where she grew up and worked as an Office Manager. She decided a career change was in order. Tired of the Corporate rules and constrictions, she decided to trust her heart and enroll in the up and coming field of Aesthetics at Carstens Aveda Institute in Tempe, AZ.
The experience of learning to treat the skin and body as a whole ignited her curiosity. After graduation she worked for a very busy salon and spa in Chandler. Enrolled in Advanced classes from Rhonda Allison, Jan Marini, PCA, DDF, Dermalogica and Eminence Organic Skincare, eventually educating and creating protocols.
In 2004 she opened White Lotus Salon and Spa, a full service salon and education facility in Gilbert AZ. Her Salon and Spa serviced clients and offered advanced education to Aestheticians until the sale of the salon in 2019.
Rachel continued to educate herself  becoming a permanent makeup artist in 2006, a trainer in advanced waxing techniques for Nufree Depilatory products and received her Aesthetics Instructors License in 2017. She currently teaches business and advanced services at Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics, Performs services and teaches at her Business Humble Beauty Skincare and continues to Freelance as an Aesthetician and freelance Makeup artist for Chanel.

For more information or to contact Rachel, please visit her website.

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